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Q&A: Portable Solar Panels – Fold PV

Q&A Portable Solar Panels

Q&A: Portable Solar Panels

What can Portable Solar Panels power with enough energy?

50W Panels run devices like Ipod, led lights, smartphones, notepads, tablets, and a kindle.
200+W Panels run laptops, television, washing machine, or even an RV Camping Trailer.

How many Watts do I need to run a Refrigerator with a Portable Solar Panels?

10-100lt of a Camping Fridge or a Freezer needs 100-200W.
100-400lt an average Refrigerator use 200-500W.
500+lt a giant Fridge can consumer over 800W.

How long do Portable Solar Panels last on average?

Mono or Polychristalline cells can reach over 20 years, but other cable or cover parts shouldn’t past 10 years.
Generally, figure out that product price is equally proportioned to the material used.


Graphic: Featured Image Kate Wolf

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