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Q&A: Kickstand Solar Panels – Fold PV

Q&A Kickstand Solar Panels

Q&A: Kickstand Solar Panels

How is Kickstand Solar Panel made?

Kickstand is the stand-mounted on the backside aluminum part of a Portable Solar Panel, allowing the user to tilt within 5 to 35 degrees to get the highest UV irradiation from the Sun without using any tool.

What’s the difference between Foldable and a Kickstand Solar Panel?

Kickstand Panel has Best performance per feet square than Foldable. When you flip a Kickstand panel, you can retract the stand easily to keep the Charge Controller and Cables within itself.

How do you attach a Kickstand Solar Panel to an RV Caravan roof?

Most RV have rods threaded bars over the roof, you have to unlock and unfold the suitcase / briefcase of the Kickstand Solar Panel and fix aluminum border to the bars with screws at each corner.


Graphic: Featured Image Kate Wolf

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