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Oil Price Per Barrel vs Dollar/Solar Watt for The First Time In History – Fold PV

Oil Price Per Barrel vs Dollar/Solar Watt for The First Time In History

Content Oil Price Per Barrel vs Dollar/Solar Watt:

U.S. Dollars Per Barrel ( April Crack)

U.S. Dollars Per Barrel ( April Crack)

For the First day in History, Oil Price Per Barrel can Compete versus Dollar/Solar Watt, even defeat it! We should start from China when a virus named Covid-19 started to spread over the planet day by day. Person by person the coronavirus stopped our relationships, life, agency, city, country.

“But the Production of Oil hasn’t been closed at the same time as people, we couldn’t turn off the light of our Machiavellian system.”

The demand falls to historic lows, from Asia passing throw Europe and North America, oversupply globally that companies are fulling storage.

And that like that, what we aspected from these dark days, our oil unused start to create deflation in the World Stock Index.

Last week April 17, 2020 Crude oil CL1 CLOSED $18.15 Per Barrel 

Yesterday April 20, 2020 Crude oil CL1 REACHED $-39.55 Per Barrel 

Today we see Crude oil CL1 FLOATING $-5 and $+5

And that’s it, the Covid-19 put down Oil prices, so down to let us feel the negative dramatic price of $-39.55 Per Barrel.

In this unique day, we can admire the Oil prices with the modest Dollar/Solar Watt competing for the last time in our life.

Let’s see Oil Price per Barrel vs Dollar/Solar Watt in the last 40 years

Let’s see Oil

1990 Crude oil CL1 $20

1990 Solar/watt $8

2000 Crude oil CL1 $31

2000 Solar/watt $5

2010 Crude oil CL1 $81

2010 Solar/watt $3

2020 Crude oil CL1 $25

2020 Solar/watt $2.5

(Average Prices)

So now this unprecedented day teaches us two things:

WTI had the most negative day than ever.

Solar Silicon thin film like every renewable energy is less affected by the fluctuation of the market in a short period, guaranteeing a secure investment in the long term.


Graphic: Infographics Kate Wolf

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